What accessories do we have and what do they do?...

Get a full run down of all the accessories offer and find out how they can help you achieve your penis enlargement goals

All of accessories listed on online store fit both the original Bathmate and now the new Hydromax!

Shower Strap

Hands free penis development

The Shower Strap was engineered to allow you keep your hands free when using the Hydromax or Bathmate Hydropump in the shower.

The adjustable nylon strap hangs comfortably around your neck and has a hard plastic ring fitted to the end that attaches to pump to take the weight off. This ingenious device allows you to continue to shower normally without having to worry about holding you Hydropump during each session.

Capsule Case

Keep your hydromax safe

High quality waterproof capsule case from provides protection for your Hydromax or Bathmate Hydropump when not in use.

The sleek black minimal design keeps the contents inside private, and the added handy attachment ring allows you to hang it on your shower or in your restroom cupboard with ease.

Inside you’ll find a series of netted pockets for you to keep your other accessories such as the shower strap or instruction manual safe.

Cleaning Kit

Stay sterile, stay safe

We all know how important it is to keep your penis clean and your Hydromax or Bathmate should be no exception.

The soft sponge head is shaped to make cleaning the bellows pump quick and easy, whlist the long sturdy handle allows you to get deep inside the pump for a full and thorough clean.

We highly recommend the cleaning kit to avoid build-up of bacteria inside the hydropump which will come into contact with your penis.

Includes spare sponge head.

Jelqing cream

The Worlds First Jelqing Enhancement Serum Made with Testostomax

The Worlds First Jelqing Enhancement Serum Made with Testostomax TM is a unique blend of 23 components designed to boost the male libido Bathmate Max Out ‘Jelqing Enhancement Serum’ sets the standard against which all other Jelqing Serums will be judged. Bathmate development engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that only the finest quality ingredients are used in the final formulation. The TestostomaxTM formula works in harmony with the Bathmate Hydropump range, providing the user with bigger, better, quicker gains.

Pleasure Lube

More Pleasure & More safe

Hydromax pleasure lube from is made using dermatologically tested, skin safe ingredients. This pleasure lube contains 100ml and gives long lasting additional lubrication where natural lubrication is not sufficient. It lasts as long as you need it and leaves your skin silky smooth and soft. A truly unique lubricant!

x30 Cushion Rings

Luxury, comfort & protection

New range of luxury cushion rings help to ensure your pumping sessions are a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Carefully designed to negate testicular ingress into the pump vessel, the luxury cushion rings will add greater comfort and protection to your workouts every time due to the supple and soft nature of the advanced skin-safe material used in the cushion rings – they conform to the shape of your pelvic seat and work for all body shapes.

If you value luxury and comfort, these cushion rings are definitely for you.