Lubes and better sex collection

Along with the results you’ll see when you use one of Bathmate water penis pumps, there’s another way to add a special something to your sex life. The Bathmate Better Sex collection is all about enhancing your experience in bed (or wherever else you choose).

All accessories are designed to be used alongside with Bathmate Pumps, but they all work just fine all alone. Take a look through the Lubes and Better Sex collection below:

Bathmate HydroVibe

The HydroVibe lets you add an extra dimension to your Bathmate routine through the use of two Bathmate VIBE Bullet vibrators. By adding vibration to the water-based power of your pump, resulting in an even better level of gains from your workout! (while also feeling great to use).

Bathmate Max Out

The world’s first serum designed to enhance jelqing results, Bathmate Max Out uses all-natural ingredients, like all of our Better Sex supplements, and works perfectly in conjunction with Bathmate range of hydropumps to truly maximise gains, use before pumping.

Bathmate Control

Bathmate Control is totally safe to use, and has undergone full clinical testing to ensure safety. It uses a range of natural ingredients all chosen to help maximise pleasure and performance, including Gingko Biloba, Ginseng and more. safe for users with sensitive skin, and is 100% biodegradable.

Pleasure Lube

As a natural enhancer for all sexual activity, Bathmate Pleasure Lube supplements natural lubrication, helping you have the very best sex possible. Like all of our products, our lube has been fully tested for safe, effective performance.

Vibe Ring

Bathmate Vibe Rings combine unique, pleasure-maximising designs with powerful 3-speed vibrators for a completely unmatched level of satisfaction. While these rings aren’t suitable for use with the Bathmate penis pump because of their shape, they add an unbelievably powerful dimension to your sexual pleasure.

Vibe Bullet Vibrator

A small, yet surprisingly powerful bullet vibrator, the Bathmate VIBE can be used in beds, baths, or anywhere else that’s appropriate, with a IPX7-rated 100% waterproof design letting you discover a brand-new approach to achieve unmatched orgasms.


Hygiene is really important when it comes to just about anything sex-related, so Bathmate have put together some uniquely effective products designed to help ensure that you can keep your Water Penis Pump (as well as any sex toys) completely hygienic.

Bathmate Clean

Bathmate Clean as an effective sex toy cleaner. A powerful antibacterial misting formula designed for safe use with silicone and rubber, Bathmate Clean lets you keep all your toys in perfect condition.

Cleaning Kit

With the kit designed to suit any one of Bathmate penis pumps, it’s a great choice for any user. Recommended to combining this kit with Bathmate Clean antibacterial cleaning formula, specially designed to help you keep your Bathmate completely clean - you’ll find a free sample in your kit.

Cleaning Brush

When you buy the Bathmate Cleaning Brush, you’ll get two specially-shaped sponge heads (one for the bellows, one for the actual chamber itself) along with an extendable handle.

Parts and other accessories

In this section, you’ll find some more of fantastic range of Bathmate Accessories. Along with spare Bathmate parts designed to keep your penis pump working at maximum performance, choose the perfect accessory below:

Bathmate Shower Strap

Bathmate Shower Strap is completely compatible with all of our pumps. Just attach the connecter to the pump, place the adjustable strap round your neck and start off your Bathmate routine as normal - you’ll then be able to shower without interruption.

Bathmate Trim

The Bathmate Trim kit includes an effective, USB-rechargeable razor, as well as a full selection of combs and trimmers, all enclosed in a durable, discreet storage kit. With the 4 included combs, you can select a cutting range from 3 to 12 mm, letting you get the manscaping results you’re looking for.

Replacement Valve Pack

Replacement Bathmate Valves for all of our three penis pump ranges - the Hydro range, Bathmate Hydromax pumps and the advanced HydroXtreme models.

Hydromax Long Insert

Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme hydropumps come equipped with a Bathmate Hydromax Long Insert Comfort Pad. This pad makes it easier to attach the Bathmate to your body and start pumping, and are built for long-term durability.

Measuring Gauge

Measuring Gauge is simple to use to measure your length, just press the gauge lightly into your pubic bone, and measure your penis to the tip. With the gauge wrapping round the penis, you’ll also easily be able to take an accurate measurement of girth.

Replacement Pads

This replacement pads is for the Bathmate Hydro7, formerly known as the Bathmate Hercules. If you’re using a different model of Bathmate, these pads aren’t needed.